Roof Repair

The team at GOGOTEC Flat Roofs can complete repairs to any type of flat or low slope roof system, including the removal of rooftop snow and ice dams. If your roof is leaking or has become damaged from storms, fire or accidents, you have peace of mind knowing we’re only a phone call away. Even if it doesn’t seem like an emergency right now, it can easily become one. Call us today to save your property from further damage.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

Choose GOGOTEC Flat Roofs, an experienced roofing contractor with satisfied customers and a trusted, local reputation to maintain your roof. We’ll treat you honestly and with respect. And we’ll help you protect your roofing system investment.

Our preventative maintenance program for businesses ensures there are no potential problems waiting to happen and is designed to extend the life of your roof system. We recommend a maintenance check-up for your roof twice a year: once in spring and again in fall.

A commercial roofing system can protect your building for many years to come, but only if it is properly maintained. By regularly inspecting your roof, creating (and following) a maintenance plan, and promptly addressing issues as they arise, you can prevent slight problems from turning into significant damage. To preserve your investment and prevent potential business disruption, be sure to abide by the following commercial roof maintenance tips.

Schedule professional inspections and maintenance. Although you can use the tips below to look after your roof and preserve its well-being, professional help is still crucial. Hire a reputable commercial roofer to regularly inspect your roof for issues and vulnerabilities. During this visit, the roofer should also remove leaves, dirt, and debris from the roof, gutters, and drains. Having a reliable roofing company on your side will be useful when you’re tackling our next tip . . .

Address repairs ASAP. The longer you wait to schedule a repair, the more likely it is that the problem will exacerbate. For best results, find a knowledgeable and trustworthy roofing company before an issue arises, so you can arrange repairs as quickly as possible.

Personally inspect your roof. Semi-annually, inspect your roof to look for damage. Keep an eye out for splits, cracks, blockages, blistering, discoloration, loose materials, gaps in flashing, and any other forms of damage, and be sure your drains and downspouts are clear. On BUR membranes, look for missing gravel or exposed tar paper. On PVC and rubber roofing systems, focus on cracks, holes, and missing materials. One of your semi-annual inspections should be completed in the fall, when leaves are more likely to amass, clog drains, and develop mold, mildew, or fungus.

Assess the roof after major storms. When a heavy storm sweeps through, inflicting a barrage of rain, wind, hail, snow, or even ice on your roof, evaluate the condition of the roof afterward. Check for damage and clear away any leaves or debris, especially if they are restricting water flow. Look for internal damage as well, checking for leaks and ceiling stains caused by water damage. If you notice anything problematic, take corrective action quickly to limit the damage.

Proactively and reactively address snowstorms. Before a major snowfall, check your roof’s drains and downspouts to be sure they are clear. This will help the snow melt away and clear the roof quickly. After a snowfall, remove heavy piles of excess snow (more than a foot deep) to prevent ice dams and other damage.

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